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  • Mixed Media Art, Defined.

    For the past few years I have been more & more attracted to mixed media art work. Seeing all the layers put into each piece makes it so interesting to look at. I find my eyes wondering around the piece multiple times to take it all in. I have slowly been making painting this way […]

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  • Art Journal | 042314 | motivates

    Prompt: What motivates you? why? Use letters out of magazines to make words or letters for your answer.

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  • Why I am Addicted to Spray Painting & you should be too.

    There are a few reasons why I love to spray paint, but mainly it is because it is so dang fun. Ok, real reasons: 1. Fast results 2. So many options, you can spray on the wall, you can use a stencil, give a fresh coat of paint to an old piece of furniture 3. […]

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