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  • About Me

    Hi! My name is Liz Eaton, If I had to sum up what makes me, well, me in 10 bullet points this is what I would say: I love my family, being a wife & mom to 4 little kids is the best thing I could have ever wanted out of life. I met my […]

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  • Blog

    Follow me and my Blog here I have a few mottos that I have lived my life by for the past several years. Embrace the Chaos. Anchor Down, then Build Up. Shine. On my blog you will find me talking about how these 3 mottos make up who I am & how I handle my […]

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  • Art Journal

    Follow me and my Art Journal here On the art journal blog you will find me posting almost daily a new prompt to give you an idea of what you can do an art journal page about, I would love to see what your pages look like, you can always add to the conversation by […]

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My Blogs, here is where you can follow my life blog and also my art journal blog

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