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Little Artist | Dax’s Art Journal

Dax loves making art. He always has. He might only be 6, but this kid has a very distinct personality & he is so determined. On sunday I was in my studio working on some stuff & my 15 year old niece was over working on a project for her mom & of course Dax […]

Jewelry | how to video | filing

How to video on making jewelry, filing. I have created a short video on a few tips for filing your jewelry. When making jewelry there are a few key steps in making your piece come together & look finished. Filing is something that I do on every single piece of jewelry I make, so I […]

About Me

Hi! My name is Liz Eaton, If I had to sum up what makes me, well, me in 10 bullet points this is what I would say: I love my family, being a wife & mom to 4 little kids is the best thing I could have ever wanted out of life. I met my […]

Garden | update | 030314

 Living in Arizona has its benefits & it’s not so awesome benefits. The winters are all about awesome weather. The summers are all about how terribly hot it gets. This winter has been super mild. It has almost been like we haven’t had a winter at all, but more like spring. Which is perfect for […]