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Home Tour | Dax’s Room

Dax & I have been planning, making art & collecting things to hang on his walls for quite a while now. We finally had a good collection of stuff, time to paint his room & the plan of how it was all going to go down. It was go time. Dax loves the color red, […]

Studio Tour | while creating

Sometimes I like to take photos while I am in the middle of creating. Sometimes it is about making the mess that seems more real. Like creating is a whole process. Everything comes full circle while creating. I like to start with a clean working area, but very quickly it turns into a mess, but […]

Garden Update | 042814

The weather has been crazy the past few days. It was just starting to get really hot out, like mid 90s, then it took a dive for cooler weather, into the 50s & 60s with some rain & lots of wind. It has been so nice the past couple days! In the garden, things are […]

[a moment] 042514

These kids of mine are so so loved! I was reminded by my mom how we would all line up on easter morning with our baskets on a small fence in our backyard to take a picture. I am so glad I did the same thing. Traditions are so important to me & I am […]