Archive | August, 2014

[a moment] spray paint

I went to lunch with David on a random monday, with no kids, amazing! & the place we were eating had this AMAZING spray painted wall out front. I want to remember moments like this. This wall makes me happy. The colors, the pattern, the fact that I am obsessed with spray painting & that […]

Studio Days | Jewelry Making

I have been hustling + creating for an upcoming event in September I am involved with. I will be selling at the Squam Art Fair on Sept. 13th. I am super excited to be selling my jewelry at this event! I have come up a few new custom jewelry designs & sticking to a few classics […]

The Preschool Ones

Preschool started a week & a half ago for the “little boys” as I call them. Rudd is in his last year of preschool this year. It is everyday & he loves it. I am loving their new school. He loves his classroom & his teachers. It really makes a difference when you know your […]