About Me


Hi! My name is Liz Eaton, If I had to sum up what makes me, well, me in 10 bullet points this is what I would say:

I love my family, being a wife & mom to 4 little kids is the best thing I could have ever wanted out of life.

I met my husband in 8th grade math class.

I was born & raised in Arizona, actually a 4th generation Arizonian.

I went to college for metal smithing, cause I was obsessed with silver jewelry.

I love jewelry, I especially love making custom silver jewelry for other people.

Art makes me happy, making mixed media art especially makes me happy.

Hanging out with my family & watching my kids skateboard & do other activities makes being a parent totally worth it.

My values & morals lie in raising respectful, trustworthy & hard working kids that will help make the next generation a good one.

I don’t sit down much, I believe it takes hard work to make dreams come true.

& I can’t leave out that eating good food makes me super happy.

I’d love to hear from you.

Email me at lizeatondesigns@gmail.com

or find me on instagram or twitter, @lizeaton

I hope you ENJOY what you find in my shop!