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Saw this on a random park bench while in San Diego last week. Sometimes I forget who I am amongst the crazy of motherhood.  It made me stop for just a minute & think, this is so so TRUE. “This above all, -to thine own heart be true.” Stan Kalinger As I write this & […]

Spring Break 2015

We had a great time in San Diego for spring break. My kids love going to the beach, love going to Grammy & Grandad’s condo in Pacific Beach. We spent most of our time hanging out at the beach or lazing around the condo, eating good food & being with cousins. We did manage to […]

New Year, same crazy life!

This life of ours is crazy, just like I am sure yours is…I wouldn’t change anything about it. This past year has been a mixture of traveling a ton for me, skateboarding for my boys & Pk getting older & cuter by the day. I love this life we have created! Hoping for the same […]

[a moment] 102414

  Rudd wants to be just like his Dad & he has been making beards out of paper for a while now, so when my sister saw this beard at the store she couldn’t resist. He has been wearing it constantly. I love that he wants to be like his Dad,what a great example to have […]

Meal Plan Ideas, my strategy

I am what you would call a planner, maybe a little OCD about it actually. For over a year now I have been doing some sort of weekly or monthly meal plan for our dinners. Recently I came up with a new way to meal plan, I have been doing it this way for a […]

[a moment] 101714

I can’t believe that my oldest turned 7 yesterday! It is seriously crazy to me. I love how hard working he is & determined he is at everything he does. He is an old soul that makes it so fun to be his mom. Parenting is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, […]

San Diego Fall Break

This past week the kids didn’t have school, it was fall break. We went to San Diego for the week to stay at my parents beach house. The kids love it. The weather was as good, if not better than in the summer time. Perfect for hitting the beach & the skateparks.

[a moment] 100314

Dax with a group of 10 & under kids at his first outdoor skate competition. He got top 3! They didn’t give out places for the little kids. But he was the youngest kid out there & did so awesome! So proud of this kid! He is so determined! (he is the one in the […]

What is Mixed Media?

One of my favorite forms of art is mixed media. You might be saying, what in the heck is that? It is a fancy way of saying, “I am going to take a lot of different art supplies & use them all on the same piece of art.” Essentially mixing different art mediums together to […]