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Listening: 21 Pilots album Vessel. Simply Amazing! Eating: It seems like the same thing everyday. ( I need to do a post about this) Drinking: water. Trying to drink lots of ice cold water. Wearing: It happens to be cooler out, a balmy 75 degrees, so I am pretending it is cold enough to wear […]

[a moment] 092614

Remembering back to a couple weeks ago, when I stood in this place that is 180 degrees from my normal, everyday life. I want to hold on to the memories that I made at Squam Lake. It is a magical place filled with magical people.

Review: 21 Pilots

About 6 weeks ago my good friend sent me a random text that said I should check out the band, 21 Pilots, so I jumped on iTunes & previewed it & she also said to go watch this video,  Car Radio Music Video. I was instantly hooked on them. I couldn’t get enough of them. […]

Squam Art Workshops Review

My friend Em Falconbridge has been talking to me about Squam for the past few years now. I was always on the fence about it, because I had such little kids & it was so far from me, located in New Hampshire. This year was the first year that I felt like I could leave […]

What is your elevator pitch?

Have you ever thought about that? The concept is this: if you were on an elevator & someone said, what do you do? What would you say? You have less than one minute to sum it up. I have read about this lately. I have been asked lately. It gets complicated though. I feel like […]

[a moment] | 091918

We had two birthday’s in our house this week. PK turned 2! (holy cow, I can’t believe it) & Rudd turned 5. I am loving that my kids are turning into people. Yes they are still small, but I am loving this stage that we are entering as a family. I have done the baby […]

Airplane doodles

I have travelled my fair share this year. I have become a custom to taking my art journal & a pen with me on flights, so that I can doodle the hours away. Ok…lets be totally honest. I am sick of traveling & just returned from another trip. I actually had a blast on this […]

[a moment] spray paint

I went to lunch with David on a random monday, with no kids, amazing! & the place we were eating had this AMAZING spray painted wall out front. I want to remember moments like this. This wall makes me happy. The colors, the pattern, the fact that I am obsessed with spray painting & that […]

Studio Days | Jewelry Making

I have been hustling + creating for an upcoming event in September I am involved with. I will be selling at the Squam Art Fair on Sept. 13th. I am super excited to be selling my jewelry at this event! I have come up a few new custom jewelry designs & sticking to a few classics […]

The Preschool Ones

Preschool started a week & a half ago for the “little boys” as I call them. Rudd is in his last year of preschool this year. It is everyday & he loves it. I am loving their new school. He loves his classroom & his teachers. It really makes a difference when you know your […]