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I am what you would call a planner, maybe a little OCD about it actually. For over a year now I have been doing some sort of weekly or monthly meal plan for our dinners.

Recently I came up with a new way to meal plan, I have been doing it this way for a month or 2 & thought I would share a little bit about how it works.

I try to make at least 4 home cooked meals every week. Monday-Thursday, we usually get take out or do something super simple on Friday , Saturday we go out to eat & Sunday we are at one of our parents houses for a big family dinner.

I had made a list of all the different meals that I usually make or tend to go back to making. I split them into 5 different catagories.
-stove top

Then I took 3×4 cards & cut them in half. I wrote different meals on eat card & used washi tape to color coded them with what category they went with.

Here are some of my meal ideas. For the recipe for each one of these, I either know off the top of my head or look in my cookbooks or on pinterest.

crockpot meals:

French dip 
Easy pepper chicken
salsa chicken
beef stroganoff
chicken fettichini
chicken curry
beef curry

oven meals:

zuchini & chicken
almond crusted chicken
roasted veggies
zucchini boats
meatloaf & roasted veggies
beef bombs
enchiladas, hash, egg scramble

Stove Top meals:

coconut chicken
sweet & sour chicken
stir fry
pesto sauce & noodles, zucchini noodles, spaghetti sqaush
bean burritos
left over burritos
cheese steak sandwiches

Chicken & veggies
HoBo foil dinner
carne asada
hot dogs
chicago brauts
potsticker burgers


cobb salad
chicken ceaser

Once I had all of the ideas written down & color coded I put them all in a envelope that I keep stuck to my fridge. I then have 4 magnets on my fridge that I clip the 4 meals I am going to make that week. That way I can make one shopping list for the whole week.

I usually try to do this on Sunday & then shop on Monday for the week. It also helps if I some what know our schedule for the coming week, which I usually do by Sunday.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me. We are such a busy family, as many families are, helping plan ahead takes the stress off & helps us not eat out as much.

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