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[a moment] 102414

  Rudd wants to be just like his Dad & he has been making beards out of paper for a while now, so when my sister saw this beard at the store she couldn’t resist. He has been wearing it constantly. I love that he wants to be like his Dad,what a great example to have […]

[a moment] 101714

I can’t believe that my oldest turned 7 yesterday! It is seriously crazy to me. I love how hard working he is & determined he is at everything he does. He is an old soul that makes it so fun to be his mom. Parenting is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, […]

[a moment] 100314

Dax with a group of 10 & under kids at his first outdoor skate competition. He got top 3! They didn’t give out places for the little kids. But he was the youngest kid out there & did so awesome! So proud of this kid! He is so determined! (he is the one in the […]

[a moment] 092614

Remembering back to a couple weeks ago, when I stood in this place that is 180 degrees from my normal, everyday life. I want to hold on to the memories that I made at Squam Lake. It is a magical place filled with magical people.

[a moment] | 091918

We had two birthday’s in our house this week. PK turned 2! (holy cow, I can’t believe it) & Rudd turned 5. I am loving that my kids are turning into people. Yes they are still small, but I am loving this stage that we are entering as a family. I have done the baby […]

[a moment] spray paint

I went to lunch with David on a random monday, with no kids, amazing! & the place we were eating had this AMAZING spray painted wall out front. I want to remember moments like this. This wall makes me happy. The colors, the pattern, the fact that I am obsessed with spray painting & that […]

[a moment] | 050214

Pk & I got a little one on one time this past week. I cherish the times when we get her all to myself. It makes me so happy I have a girl to do fun stuff, that boys don’t always want to do. I know she is still little, but I don’t want to […]