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Squam Art Workshops Review

My friend Em Falconbridge has been talking to me about Squam for the past few years now. I was always on the fence about it, because I had such little kids & it was so far from me, located in New Hampshire. This year was the first year that I felt like I could leave […]

Art workshop | 03.28-29.14

My good good friend, emily & I go way back. We have been making art together for more years than I can count! We have never actually lived in the same state, or even country a lot of the time, but always seem to find ways to create art together! Well I am one lucky […]

Little Artist | Dax’s Art Journal

Dax loves making art. He always has. He might only be 6, but this kid has a very distinct personality & he is so determined. On sunday I was in my studio working on some stuff & my 15 year old niece was over working on a project for her mom & of course Dax […]