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Garden Update | 051414

This past week or so I haven’t been super on top of the garden. Oops…I can for sure see the difference. It needs a little TLC. But a few pictures for now. Things aren’t terrible, but some ants & overgrowth is happening. One of the leaves of my broccoli was so covered in afids that […]

Garden Update | 042114

This week in the garden things are looking up a little bit for the plants that I feel like were struggling. I sprayed with some organic bug control to help keep the afids & ants at bay. I also sprayed with miracle grow which I think helped also. The afids were kind of out of […]

Garden update | 041514

My garden has been planted for 2 months now. It has come a long way in those 2 months, but something for sure are doing better than other things. In the pictures you can see the difference in the plants that are doing well & the ones that are struggling. My squash, dill, cilantro, kale […]

Garden update | 040114

It has been a month & a half since we planted our garden boxes. We are doing the square foot gardening method. I am pretty pleased with the results of most of our veggies & herbs that are growing. I do have a few concerns though. My watermelon, cucumber & pepper plants are not really […]

Garden update | 032414

I have been out of town for a week. But luckily our watering system did it’s job & I didn’t have to worry too much about it. But now that I am back I have a few concerns. Wondering why one of tomato plants has brown spots on the leaves? Wondering why some of my […]

Garden | update | 031714

Being St. Patricks Day, this is a perfect day to give a garden update. The garden is doing really well. I am surprised at how many of our plants have taken off. The tomatoes are starting to really get taller & one of them even has lots of tomatoes growing on it all ready. Most […]

Garden | update | 031014

It seems like here in Arizona during the winter months we spend every second we can outside. I feel like it is going to be hot too soon & I will be missing the 75 degree weather, so I have to soak it up! & since we have been hanging in our backyard so much, […]