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Garden Update | 052114

The garden is kind of just doing its thing the past little bit. I haven’t been a very good gardener. But my plan is to work on it over the next couple days. It needs to be thinned out & more shade needs to be put up if I want my plants to get burned […]

Garden Update | 042814

The weather has been crazy the past few days. It was just starting to get really hot out, like mid 90s, then it took a dive for cooler weather, into the 50s & 60s with some rain & lots of wind. It has been so nice the past couple days! In the garden, things are […]

Garden update | 041514

My garden has been planted for 2 months now. It has come a long way in those 2 months, but something for sure are doing better than other things. In the pictures you can see the difference in the plants that are doing well & the ones that are struggling. My squash, dill, cilantro, kale […]

Garden | update | 030314

 Living in Arizona has its benefits & it’s not so awesome benefits. The winters are all about awesome weather. The summers are all about how terribly hot it gets. This winter has been super mild. It has almost been like we haven’t had a winter at all, but more like spring. Which is perfect for […]

Garden update | 022414

Well, the garden boxes are looking really good, but they don’t look much different than last week, at all. Hoping something is happening under the soil with all the seeds we planted. So, this week I thought I would highlight a few spots in our backyard that are making me very happy at the moment. […]

Garden | update | 021814

The start of our veggie garden. Actually our whole backyard. Ever since I went to Bali in January, David has been as motivated as me to get our backyard more “green” or should I say, “less desert like.” I love living close to the trails so that I can mountain bike or hike whenever I […]