Saw this on a random park bench while in San Diego last week.

Sometimes I forget who I am amongst the crazy of motherhood. 

It made me stop for just a minute & think, this is so so TRUE. “This above all, -to thine own heart be true.” Stan Kalinger

As I write this & have 3 of my 4 kids still too little to go to school full time, around me asking me for something different every 2 seconds, literally, it is really hard to remember to be true to my heart. Honestly, it is hard to remember much of anything.  The word that comes to mind is FRUSTRATING. As soon as I leave the room, they start asking for me, or start questioning where I went & why I had to leave the room I was just in. The word SHADOW comes to mind also. So, how do I stay true to who I am, when I can’t even remember who I am in the chaos of parenthood?

I wouldn’t change the fact that I am a Mother. I love my kids above anything else. But who I am as a person, where does that come into play?

I am a mother.

I am a wife.

I am an artist.

In that order. The question is how do I stay true to myself in each of these rolls?


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